Why Diving in Indonesia is Fun

When you are plunging deep into the sea you wish to see fabulous sights and marine life on your plunge; that is a piece of delight in diving. All things considered, other than getting in some quality exercise and testing your abilities, you also desire to see the submerged universe of the place you’re making a plunge into. Positively, you need a place that is intriguing and energizing to relish your experience, not a place that is old fashioned, exhausting, uninteresting sights and marine life. You additionally need a site that has great climate all around the year. It is for these consequences that diving in Indonesia is much more fun than diving to any other place of the world.


Indonesia has for some time been considered as one of the best place on Earth for enjoying diving. There are a few reasons why this declaration is widely popular. Indonesia has one of the longest beaches in the whole world, as it extends from the Pacific Ocean in the West to the Indian Ocean in the east. Indonesia is a section of the Coral Triangle of the world, comprising around 20% of the world’s coral reefs, around 600 diverse coral species. It likewise has a lot of fish biodiversity, due to more than 3000 fish species present here. There are numerous others types of marine life here too; including blacktip, Manta rays, and seahorses, fish, whitetip sharks, and numerous others. What’s more, Indonesia’s climate is perfect for making a tour between April to December, and it’s positively conceivable to try and plunge during January to March too, consequently giving the divers numerous option to plunge consistently.

Furthermore, Indonesia offers a wide range of plunging sites all through, giving the divers a great deal option. it is never a possibility that they will be bored or feel exhausted with the diving experiences. Each of these destinations has its own remarkable attractions and sights also. For example, Raja Ampat is known by numerous researchers to be the “wealthiest place for marine life on Earth.” There have been numerous new species found here in the course of recent years. This makes it perfect for divers who get an awesome chance to do the underwater photography and can get an awesome experience of the underwater world.  They get numerous options for awesome shots here for their photo gallery and for posting on their web-based social networking websites.


The Komodo Islands additionally add a great deal of interest to Indonesia. Not exclusively do you have a lot of marine life extending from sharks to reef angle, but you additionally have the renowned Komodo Dragon, the biggest living reptile on Earth. The 17,508 islands situated here likewise have a lot of zeniths and deep walls, making this a perfect area for an extraordinary plunging experience. Indonesia thus offers numerous retreats for the divers around the world. It’s an experience of lifetime having an adventurous diving trip in the lands of Indonesia.

Travel Destinations in Indonesia

Indonesia is a popular spot for those seeking an experience off the grid in a country rich in culture and warm hearted people; not to mention the beaches and environment that is sure to relieve all of your stresses. Indonesia is an incredibly diverse country, with cities and regions that have a little something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor adventure exploring mountains and active volcanoes, or craving a day (or an entire week!) lazing around the beach, or even if you just want to take a peek into a different culture and see how Indonesians live; you will find your own little cup of Indonesian tea that’s just right for you. Let’s take a look at some of the best travel destinations in Indonesia that you have to check out while you’re there:


  1. Bali: All the Luxuries You Can Dream of at a Fraction of the Price

Bali – world renown for it’s amazing beaches, and the lush, luxurious lifestyle that the island offer its guests at extremely affordable prices. This is the main powerhouse of Indonesia’s tourism sector, and has a variety of hotels, bed and breakfasts, resorts, etc. to choose from with a spiritual, luxurious vibe to them. Due to all of the tourists, primarily from other parts of Asia and many Australians on holiday, you aren’t likely to find a true Indonesian experience. It is,however, great if you’re looking for something more refined and away from the beaten path, where you can enjoy all the modern amenities you can find at home.


  1. Jakarta: The Booming Asian City for the Cultural Traveler

Make no mistake – Jakarta is a city full of hustle and bustle. Despite any presumptions you may have about this southern Asian city, it’s actually quite modern, and like many cities, has a large range between the wealthy and poor. Jakarta is home to 10 million people packed into its metropolitan area. If you’re looking for an experience that is authentic, and home to the true working people of Indonesia, then here it is. Sure, there is not a lot to offer as far as greenery and nature here in this densely populated city, but if you’re a foreigner looking to grasp how the Indonesian people go about their daily lives than look no further than this destination.


  1. Bukit Lawang: Slightly Off the Beaten Path for the Traveler Looking for a Retreat in Nature

If you want to be completely immersed in nature, than Bukit Lawang is the destination for you. This stunning region in Indonesia, that is located just a hop, skip and a jump east from Kuala Lumpur of Malaysia, is simply breathtaking. Bukit Lawang is famed for its incredibly dense and diverse wildlife. You can see all kinds of animals as they are meant to live in nature, as if you are a part of a living zoo. This popular tourist destination is adjacent to the Gunung Leuser National park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, that boasts countless species of birds, plants, and wildlife.


These are just three of the top destinations to visit in Indonesia. Of course you’ll have to visit the majestic country yourself to form your own opinion. But be warned – Indonesia has a way of enticing its visitors and keeps them coming back for more and more. Our friends Dave and Lisa, who own a company in Texas (click here), visited Jakarta and had an amazing time last year!!


Why You Should Not Avoid Indonesia


Indonesia has been gaining a bad rep due to bad infrastructure as a tourism country these days. Why visit this extraordinary nation that has become so much awful press in the course of the most recent year? Where is Indonesia? Have you heard proclamations like this sometime recently? Here you will discover some extraordinary reasons that unmistakably let you know why you need to visit Indonesia. Indonesia is not only a country known for beautiful natural wonders and stunning islands, yet this country also is a shopping paradise. The city of Bandung holds a broad scope of processing plant outlet stores for you to shop till you drop.

Reasons Why You Should Not Avoid Indonesia

Rumah Mode Factory Outlet is the mother of all industrial facility outlet stores, as prove by the throngs of guests swarming the territory on weekends and occasions. Legacy Factory Outlet and Natural Factory Outlet are only a couple of more outlets to name, all arranged in the region of Bandung. Last year our friends Ken and Cheryl Koop, who own , traveled to Rumah Mode Factory outlet and said it was amazing!  Nonetheless, be cautioned, shopping ought to likewise be done at your own danger as a few extravagance merchandise may basically be thump offs made to resemble the genuine article. Indonesians are actually the glass is half full sort of individuals who take an extraordinary satisfaction and delight in family and straightforward joys.

It is this delight in the fundamentals that truly separates Indonesian society. The nuts and bolts contain zesty nourishment, espresso, music, move and liberal sprinklings of hot people. Work and objective orientated living plays a developing variable yet it is still low on the need rundown of a large portion of your normal people. There are few things to complain about if you visit Indonesia. Although the traffic jams can truly be a nightmare, as long as you avoid the hotspots, you should be fine all in all.

Lesser Known Travel Destinations in Indonesia


Indonesia is best known for the Bali island, yet that is not all here is to it. Indonesia is full of fun places to visit. A little town in Southern Bandung, Ciwidey, holds lovely scenes and good countries. A fun movement to appreciate is strawberry picking. Envision picking strawberries in a gigantic ranch while taking in crisp mountain air. Sounds like a fantasy, isn’t that right? The country also houses world’s most dynamic volcanoes, Mount Merapi. In spite of the fact that there are a few other dynamic volcanoes in Indonesia, this is the one that for the most part strikes a chord when the words fountain of liquid magma and Indonesia are said together.

Numerous Lesser Known Travel Destinations in Indonesia

Mount Merapi has been recorded to emit no less than sixty-eight times subsequent to 1548. A scale the mountain is conceivable with a qualified aide. In the midst of Southern Bandung’s cloudy peaks and moving evergreen scenes lies KawahPutih, a shocking lake that transmits an entrancing atmosphere with its pale white sand and turquoise water. The lake sits two thousand and four hundred meters above ocean level, which clarifies the nippy temperature. The entrancing view is not to be missed. The national landmark is additionally the symbol of Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta, according to the world renowned Travel Channel.

Situated in Monument Square in the city, Tugu Monas is one hundred and thirty-two meters tall, with a crown made of gold at the extremely best. The point of interest symbolizes ripeness, and in addition, the battle of Indonesians to accomplish autonomy. Numerous sightseers have been seen going to the city just to visit this notorious point of interest. Indonesia is not a country to be missed, and if you happen to visit, make sure you do not only go to Bali because you would be missing out on a lot of things.

The Convenience Factor of Indonesia Traveling


Indonesia is a nation famous for wonderful natural beauties and white-sand beaches, yet the infrastructure is notoriously bad and this has turned many people off of them. On the other hand, there are actually many conveniences in Indonesia. After all the touring, submerged undertakings and the untamed life experiences, you’ll have to top that stomach off once more. Numerous sellers are there to spare the day.It is anything but difficult to spot brilliant and lively truck peddlers along the roadside. The majority of them are family-run organizations, set up around the range of their modest homes. You also need to drink Kopi Luwak.

Understanding the Convenience Factor of Indonesia Traveling

These bizarre espresso beans experience an Asian palm civet before changing into a beverage in your container. Yes, it is eaten and pooped by this warm blooded creature before it is imitated into espresso. Kopi luwak is said to advantage the skin and avert sicknesses, for example, bosom tumor and diabetes. Urban myths or demonstrated certainties, it is for you to choose. On the off chance that espresso is not your thing, worry not. Between volcanic slopes that extend from Bogor to Bandung, you can discover immeasurable swathes of tea estates and paddy fields.

They stretch out similarly as the eye can see and all over you look, you’re certain to see ladies working diligently picking the tea clears out. A little gift and a little expense can get you a voyage through the tea manufacturing plant at Gunung Mas to see the tea generation process.Likewise on the tea fleeting trend is TehSosro, or TehBotol, which straightforwardly means packaged tea. It is a sort of sweetened jasmine tea that is best served chilled. It is one of the best neighborhood drinks that is anything but difficult to snatch and extinguish your thirst while on the go.